Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] It's been a long time...

Varina Crisfield ghostie at snail-mail.net
Thu Mar 25 21:11:23 MST 2004

I haven't been a regular poster here for about 1 1/2 years...since 
about the time the Oils dissolved. Seems that my passion for them 
comes in waves, maybe it's an upwave now. Anyway, I was just thinking 
of the ol' list and wondering what is going on around here... still 
some names I recognise.
Hope everyone's doing well in the post-Oils era. Sometimes I hear the 
music and regret that I'll never get to see them live again, but I 
did see them once, and am happy with that. It's still the best show 
I've seen (although there is some close competition).

Anyway I hope to keep a bit more up-to-date for a while...


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