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[Powderworks] Not much happening lately.

Jeff Bond jhbond at nc.rr.com
Wed Mar 24 19:18:23 MST 2004

Little Feat - Waiting for Columbus
The Golden Palominos - Drunk With Passion
John Wetton  - Live - Chasing the Dragon
Chris Isaak - Heart Shaped World
Horslips - Celtic Collections

and at someone else's house earlier this week:  Heart - Greatest Hits 1985 - 1995
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    Ok, I'll start a round of the old favorite:  What's in your CD player now

    last 5:


    Steely Dan - Greatest Hits

    REM - Automatic for the People

    Eurythmics - Greatest Hits

    Hootie and the Blowfish - Cracked Rear View

    and for extra credit:  Strongbad Sings (if you aren't into Homestarrunner click here to waste some time www.homestarrunner.com)


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