Midnight Oil


Brett Beattie brett.beattie at ce.com.au
Thu Mar 18 17:46:08 MST 2004

I'm new to the Powderworks list, joined 20 minutes ago actually. I've been
aware of the Powderworkers for years but never got around to subscribing.
I'm obviously a big fan of the band, like everyone else on the list and
count myself very lucky to live in Sydney, Australia which gave me the
opportunity to have seen the Oils play live a lot and I mean a lot! I
started getting into the band in 1978 and at 16 years of age I would go to
pubs (underage of course) and see them whenever they played. Saw them at The
Antler, Manly Vale, Macquarie University, Granville Speedway, Parramatta
Park, The Family Inn, The StageDoor Tavern, Ent Cent, Capitol etc and heaps
of other places during those first few furious years - they always seemed to
be playing somewhere around town.
I saw them right throughout their career until it all finally ended after
Capricornia. I can't believe I missed what turned out to be one of their
very last shows at Manly Leagues Club because of work commitments. I had
this gut-feeling that they were getting close to finishing up but with no
official announcement I thought there will always be next time. No next
times anymore unfortunately - maybe one big final goodbye gig before Pete
gets into some serious politics in Oz (and we really do need someone who's
rational with social and environmental concerns uppermost in their mind at
the moment).
Anyway I'm in now and I look forward to seeing plenty of Oils stuff and news
through the list.
Best wishes to you all,
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