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[Powderworks] the DVD...... a little clearer

Powderlurker . powderlurker at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 16 18:01:26 MST 2004

I see... (said the blind man)

Were they from the old 'Beatbox' programmes (hence the 'chopped to segments' 
nature of the tape)? I remember every week a single song... or occasionally 
a couple of songs, from The Capitol shows, would get played. Eventually, I 
imagined, you could piece together a pretty decent slab of the show.

I did some work with David Bradbury a few years ago (for a proposed  R & R 
Diaries project) and he seemed to think he had pretty much the whole thing, 
in his archives. I thought the whole project had imploded but I saw one of 
the completed (?) packages on ebay a couple of years ago... so I presume it 
came out in some form. It only had one Oils track on it, though (I think it 
was 'Lucky Country' - the standard Capitol live track they were releasing 
for all promo/compilation releases).

Was there also a US broadcast version of the Capitol gig? I have a dodgy 
copy of something that seems pretty cohesive. I'll dig it out again & 

Also, didn't they film quite a few nights of the series of Capitol concerts? 
  ...with the idea of releasing a comprehensive slab of songs (and different 
set-lists were attacked, each night, to give a wider scope for the recording 
/ filming)?


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Answer as to why Capitol isnt entire gig:

The capitol gig is as per the original broadcast as that is the footage
that is available. The "film" was chopped up to make the original program,
we have had to do alot of digging to get what we have, not to mention
sticking it back together. We have used the original camera negative, thats
why we can make it wide screen. The print, which was used for broadcast was
done standard 16mm so could only ever be 4:3 without blowing it up. There
are a few bonus audio tracks, as per the ABC web site, from Capitol but the
film is in too many pieces.


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