Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Hello from the UK

Glitch sena.reisenweaver at verizon.net
Tue Mar 9 18:37:58 MST 2004

Welcome Steve, good to have you on board!
Sorry can't help you with the Oils Live as I haven't got mine yet!
-Glitch Baby

got your last meal filled up with pesticide
hamburger chain third world infanticide
got robot car your job will disappear
it's called the politics of a brand new year
some say that's progress i say that's cruel

--midnight oil

> Hi everyone
> New listee, so please show a little 'p l and u' if I'm a little nervous ! A
> few words about me - I'm 52, originally from London but resident in the NE
> of England for almost 30 years. Being a child of the '60s I pretty much
> thought good music died around the late '70s when Dylan found God and the
> Stones found Disco. Consequently I rarely listened to music radio for much
> of the 1980s. However, around 1988/9 I found myself working in an industrial
> lab where the radio was constantly tuned to BBC Radio 1. Most of the stuff I
> heard went in one ear and out the other, but in the space of a few months I
> heard three bands who excited me. The first were The Pogues, with Shane
> MacGowan's poetry to the fore. The second were The Waterboys with the
> Dylanesque 'Fisherman's Blues'. The third were Midnight Oil with 'Beds are
> Burning' which was quite unlike anything I'd ever heard before. Well,
> Shane's muse eventually drowned like his hero Behan's had long before. Mike
> Scott reinvented The Waterboys so many times that even he lost himself
> eventually. Which just left me with The Oils, and my love of their music and
> everything they stand for has remained with me ever since.
> I've found being an Oils fan in these parts a pretty solitary existence.
> Mention of their name to my friends has always brought a response such as
> 'Who? Oh yeah, didn't they sing something about beds burning? Bit too
> weird/political/strident/angry/in your face (choose appropriate adjective)
> for me.' Even getting hold of the basic material can be a bit of a problem.
> To my knowledge neither 'Real Thing' or 'Capricornia' were released in the
> UK. I got mine from Oz and Hong Kong respectively. My one and only
> unofficial live cd (Beds are Burning) came from Germany via eBay and my
> 'Strict Rules' came from a guy called The Booksella Fella in Victoria.
> Consequently you can guess I have everything crossed that this wonderful new
> DVD that you've all been discussing is released over here. The only live
> Oils footage I have is on the '20000 Watt' DVD which I think I've
> practically worn out ;-).
> Sorry to be so wordy. Can I just end with a request which I hope is not out
> of order for a first-time post. By following the link from the Mr. Noisy web
> page I learnt of the wonderful OilsLive Project. I realise that I've arrived
> much too late to be admitted to the tree, but is there some generous soul
> out there who would be willing to share these with me for blanks and
> postage?
> Steve
> steve at stevelyons.freeserve.co.uk
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