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FW: [Powderworks] "Best of Both Worlds" DVD

Ross Locket rosslocket at optusnet.com.au
Sat Mar 6 15:57:09 MST 2004

I just want to add my thanks to Justin and everybody else who worked on the
new Oils DVD.  After looking at the set lists I can't wait to get hold of it
and give the neighbours hell.

Lets hope that it is a great success and encourages the Oils to do another
DVD down the track with a collection of their more recent concerts -
especially including some of the unplugged sets that I have seen.

With the DVD comprising the "old" Oils music hopefully a lot of fans who
complain that they only like the bands old music will get out there and buy
a copy.  Lets spread the news of the DVD release word far and wide.


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Thanks for all the support. Oh, and Im not a salesman :) just passionate
about the project. Im also not at all bothered by anyones thoughts on what
should or shouldnt be on it. What is on it is great and the best we could
do for now. I would love to see/make a DVD with newer stuff too. We did
discuss such a thing, but, not on this DVD. This is about the old stuff.
Leaves the door open for something newer down the track.
As for all the tech questions etc that ive been recieving, im trying to get
to them as i read them. If i dont answer, send again, i sometimes forget or
get too busy,
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