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Fri Mar 5 11:14:25 MST 2004

Eurpean VHS is PAL format

As For DVD's 

Most dvd's include a region code, that specific players will recognize. In theory, a DVD must have the same region code as it's player in order to function. There is a catch all "All region" category, which in effect cancels this region encoding.

For example, North Amercian Players will only play "all region" or "Region 1" disc, While Japanese and Euorpean players will play "All Region" and "Region 2" discs. Some players are region free (or can be made so) and will accept all region codes. 

Here is where it gets funny - Japan and North America use NTSC televsion standard, while Europe/Austrailia uses PAL - The difference is in the number of lines of resolution, and how the color is transmited. To put it another way, PAL and NTSC tv's have a different number of pixels on the TV screen. Having Format problems depend on where you are and what you like to view.

The upshot is, region free is NOT the same thing as PAL/NTSC conversion. I could have a region free player in my house that will only play NTSC, so I could watch any NTSC disk. For example, I could watch North American Movies (NTSC region 1) AND Japanese import movies (Region 2 NTSC, but NOT European import movies (Region 2 PAL). I live in the USA, but I have some Japanese import Anime DVD's (I am a Big Miyazaki Fan) and a few european TV broadcasts. So in the end I really need BOTH a region free and a PAL to NTSC conversion

A few yers ago there was a company (APEX) that sold cheap DVD players for about $50 HITS. These DVD players were made to be sold easily in many countries. They were capable of playing BOTH NTSC and PAL discs, and playing them on NTSC or PAL TV's. It was very easy to convert the player from Region 1 to region free.

How this relates to the OILS DVD. If you live in europe, since the DVD is region free and PAL you should be able to play it on a DVD player without problems (I am assuming that Aussie PAL does not vary from European PAL, but I have heard of slght variations in PAL). If you are in North America or Japan, you will need a DVD player that will convert PAL to NTSC for your television. 

I am sure I left you more confused than when you began...

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