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or to put it another way,



>From: "Patrick Collins" <patandmichelle at hotmail.com>
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>Subject: VLMOC [Powderworks] reasons to go....
>Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 06:50:18 +0000
>Hi all,
>OK.  Here's the deal.
>A while ago I posted a happy message saying that if MO were ever to do a 
>'last ever' tour of Oz then I had the go-ahead of 'er indoors to go.
>Well, with the prospects of that particular event ever happening dwindling 
>to infinitesimal proportions, I need some help.
>You see, the wife isn't a great traveller, and I really want to come to Oz 
>to visit.  So, what I'd like is for the antipodean contingent and those 
>who've visited to come up with 10 reasons to spend some time there.  I can 
>then try to convince Michelle that it's worth putting us and the kiddies on 
>a 24 hour flight.
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