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Hi Barry, 
They are all the same, and the artwork is the same. In fact I was dissappointed with the artwork. It looks as if they are copied from old CD inserts. They didn't spent time touching them up. Now the only one that is different, is Fate. It's now released with the 2 extra tracks that were on 'Whats a Few Men' but missed the cut on Fate when it was released. According to Rob Miles, the hunnas sound guy says that the sound is not that much different with exception to the first 3 albums, (hunters & collectors, Firemans Curse & Jaws of Life), which he says sounds amazing. 
Hope this helps. Let me know if you've any other questions.
NP - Finn - Finn

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Greetings All,
I tried to send the following message earlier
but failed, so I appologize if this gets repeated:

Does anyone know if the new
re-issues of the Hunnas catalogue
on the Liberation label
differ in any way to the
Mushroom label versions
Such as re-mastering
or better/original artwork
On a related note
Does anyone know if MO's catalogue
are going to be re-mastered
(Not that re-mastering
 is always a good thing... )
Hope all is well
Barry Bax
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