Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Me and the other guy

Bruce Robertson the_oil_fish at yahoo.ca
Tue Jan 27 21:50:55 MST 2004

Hey Fellow Workers,
Don't turn back the ships of freedom,
Back to the South China Sea,
Can you imagine the first Taste of Freedom
For the refugee?
These are lines from an out-take (E+S+M vintage) on the Best of the B Sides. On the disc, the song is credited to Rob Hirst alone. Are we talking about the same song? (a lovely ballad IMHO) It would be curious if they sang one of Hirsty's tunes...or would it?
Warm wishes from the frozen north,
bruce in calgary

sweetapj at bellsouth.net wrote:
Tree Hugging Man, Can You Imagine the first Taste of Freedom...that's all I can remember so far!

Jill in Atlanta
> From: "Nathan Arrowsmith" 
> Date: 2004/01/26 Mon AM 01:13:49 GMT
> To: "Powderworks" 

> Subject: [Powderworks] Me and the other guy
> Does anybody remember the names of the tracks that were on the Oils Web site
> sometime last year by Jims project 'Me And The Other Guy'?
> Nathan.

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