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[Powderworks] Oils are everywhere and Australia Day (SMOC)

Miron Mizrahi mironmizrahi at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 25 01:42:59 MST 2004

In a ceremony combining the worst of The Oscars and The Today Show,
the Australian Of The Year (as well as other awards) Awards were
announced about an hour ago. the ceremony was televised on Channel 9
and during the segment where the nominees were profiled, channel 9
played My Country. memories of Ronald Reagan praising Sprinsgteen's
Born in the USA came to me. I thought it was pretty ironic that (a)
during an event that is supposed to be patriotic a song that speaks
of the dangers of nationalism (patriotism in the hands of a
government) was played and (b) it was done after a well known
similar mistake has already taken place (albeit, years ago). could
not figure it out. was it blindness due to patriotism or amnesia?

BTW - speaking of Australian Of The Year - what do you Aussie
workers out there think of the winner?


   How could people get so unkind?

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