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[Powderworks] LMOC:Question for underworld Workers

Randy Van Vliet bigdaddyrv at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 22 16:43:59 MST 2004

I have heard that it is a reference to the Aboriginal flag which is Yellow, Black, and Red.  Then again, the closest I have come to Australia is Sandy Beach

Truganini <truganini at ntlworld.com> wrote:

Searching in Google produced a few results about the Yellow-bellied Black
Snake but nothing conclusive.
I found this extract from Peej's road trip (he obviously knows something
about the Oils!) -

>An injured snake that we found on the side of the road...we were trying to
get the poor bugger off the middle of the road. After emailing the melbourne
zoo Stu found out there is no such thing as a yellow bellied black snake
(damned midnight oil !!) it is a tiger snake

For those interested the full article can be found here -

This next extract comes from http://www.snakeshow.net/answers.html

>Buttlers snake has not long been described from the southern central area
of Western Australia. This snake has since been referred to by some as the
spotted mulga snake or the yellow-bellied black snake

For those who read the full articles, the extracts are taken from very near
the end of them.

Stay lucky

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Subject: [Powderworks] LMOC:Question for underworld Workers

> Any naturalist or herpetologically knowledgeable workers know if there is
> real species down under known as the Yellow-bellied Black Snake? If so,
> it threatened or endangered of going extinct? Curious as to whether there
> is a significance as to the mention of this species on..........(everyone
> should know which song) on BSM. Even though I'm mostly a major lurker;
> that's going to be my new handle for the list. bye for now. oh, and
> to workers who've been keeping the list posted on any Finn-related stuff.
> Much appreciated. bye for now.
> YB Black Snake
> TKGedler
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