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[Powderworks] Hoodoo Gurus?

Tari, Vince Vince.Tari at nmhg.com
Tue Jan 20 20:09:28 MST 2004

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> PS Since this is Powderworks Mailing list, I should explain -
> Oils: Best / Gurus: Most-Rockin. (And I saw them both
> on consecutive Saturdays at the same venue too!)

Saw the Gurus actually support the Oils on the same bill, One for the
Homeless back in 1991 at the Sydney Showground. Still one of my all time
favourite gigs.

For a good Guru intitation, suggest you go for Electric Soup or Ampology.
Both have most of the popular songs on them, the latter being a double CD,
is more comprehensive.

They are releasing a new album this year so i assume there will be a tour to
support it.