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[Powderworks] Hoodoo Gurus?

simon tracy plumpandmoist at yahoo.com.au
Tue Jan 20 15:14:08 MST 2004

Their firt record Stoneage Romeo's. Definately. How
can you go past an opening trio of I Want You Back,
Tojo and Leilani? And then you've still got Lets All
Turn On and Zanzibar to come. Great record. I also
recommend their second album Mars Needs Guitars, if
for nothing else the opening track Bittersweet. Such
an incredible song. Add in Poison Pen, Death Defying
and Like Wow Wipeout and you've got another arse
kickn' good r'n'r record. 

 --- Aliester Crowley <aliestercrowleyy at hotmail.com>
wrote: > Hi folks!!
> Please, can you recommend me a good Hoodoo Gurus
> album.....
> .....thanks in advance!
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