Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Help - CDRs (NMOC)

Truganini truganini at ntlworld.com
Mon Jan 19 16:11:15 MST 2004

Greetings Workers,

I need some advice and or help!

I have a copy of the Know Your Power boot that is recorded on a Kodak Gold
Ultima CDR which has not seen the light of day for a while.
Unfortunately while trying to burn a copy for my a fellow worker (Hi Ben) I
have discovered that the CD has a minute scratch on the non data side which
has removed some of the reflective gold covering which the data is burnt
into (?) and this is causing my CD-ROM to stop reading the disc, it still
plays in my home CD player but with an awful clicking in the middle of one

Can any one out there advise me on fixing the disc so it will play or if
this is not possible (which I suspect) then can any one help me with
obtaining a replacement copy.

Off list replies are probably best, I don't want to feel the workers wrath

I would also like to take this opportunity to say a huge thanks to all who
gave their time and effort generously in the undertaking of this project, it
has given the music a whole new dimension for me, I just cant get enough of
live Oils . . . .


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