Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] 1999 Ghostwriters gig

Fredrik Olson fredrik.olson at medkem.gu.se
Wed Jan 14 11:38:16 MST 2004

Hi all

Is there anyone out there that happens to have a jpeg (or similar) copy of 
the announcement/poster/ad of the Ghostwriters gig at the Cat and Fiddle 
Hotel, 2nd of September 1999? I think there was a web page announcement at 
the time. I was at the gig (great experience btw, got Robs drumsticks 
afterwards!) and now got the idea to include the poster in the photo album 
I’m making from my trip to Sydney (I’m not very quick at putting my photos 
into the album, as you see
), if I can find it somewhere. I guess there is 
not a big chance that someone has saved it, but where should I possibly 
find it if not among the powderworkers?

If someone happens to have the file and could spare me a copy, I’d be 
really grateful.
Best regards,