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[Powderworks] My son has the earworm..

Lina Yune midoil2001 at yahoo.com.au
Fri Jan 9 12:58:57 MST 2004

My daughter's favorite one is US Forces.  She is humming it all the time, and it's now stuck in my head.  She is now 12.  
Sure beats Frank Zappa, which I had to take away and hide for good.  She was about 4, and would be singing Zappa's songs while in a shopping cart in a grocery stores, and I did get some looks from other shoppers 

Beth Curran <bcurran at columbus.rr.com> wrote:

My little one used to belt out “Short Mem-o-weeee, muss have uh” with no warning at all.


So far as I was concerned, having my twerps start singing Oils bits was infinitely preferable to what they were singing previously, which was a bunch of depressing death-or-glory Scottish folk songs their father taught them as mere infants.  Having “the wich get wicher” replace “Welcome to your goh-wee [gory] bed” was a big plus so far as I was concerned - Beth


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The first thing my son has learned to sing with any real accuracy is the intro to "The Dead Heart" (He turned 2 in September). Now he frequently runs around the house house going  "Do Do Do Do Do Do Do".


Now I wonder what he is going to learn for an encore...



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