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[Powderworks] Workers' Music (LMOC)

Bruce Robertson the_oil_fish at yahoo.ca
Fri Jan 9 12:51:01 MST 2004

Greetings Fellow Workers of the World,
For any who are concerned about the plight of the farmer (and worker) in these times, please check out one of our  best-kept Canadian secrets - David Francey. You can get a sample of one of his songs at
Most of his music is really stripped down, beautiful folky stuff that honours the working class, the natural world and the human condition. He sings passionately about many of the same kinds of issues as the Oils; reminds me a lot of some of their lines about farmers, miners and treadmills.
For Vermont and eastern seaboard workers, he's touring your ground over the next couple of months.
bruce in calgary

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