Midnight Oil


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To me the "degeneration" of the quality is not a big deal (live
recordings usually don't sound very good anyway), and I think many agree
with me. Like Michael, I'm not interested in getting the whole thing,
but there are a few songs I would like to hear. For example I think the
demo version of "Bakerman" (with LYRICS, according to Rob's book) seems
very interesting. :-)

I understand if you don't want to do mp3 conversions, but there has to
be a better reason than "they degenerate the quality of the .wav files".


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HMM - I must admit, I like the idea of Oils Rare live available for
download. I did not take part in the Oils Live tree because I did not
feel the need to have all of the albums, but several tracks on the two
rare live peaked my interest.

Other possibilities besides FTP - upload to a usenet group, Bitorrents,
mIRC servers. All of which have served me well when I had VCR problems
and could not tape my favorite TV show. The usenet group has also been a
great source for live Springsteen material.

I was thinkning of setting up a tree for a few shows, but it would be a
lot easier at my end if I just set them up on my old P200. HMM - I will
have to think about this, do some testing and get back later..


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> hey all -
> it seems we have many problems throughout the world, not just Canada. 
> everyone, please check the oilslive tracklist site at 
> http://home.iprimus.com.au/mrnoisy/oilslive/tracks.html and email me 
> at livecd_s at hotmail.com if your cd's do not match exactly.  some 
> suggestions have been made to download mp3's - there will be no!! mp3 
> conversions, as they degenerate the quality of the wav file.  we'll 
> set up a new tree structure either with cd's or through ftp access or 
> both.
> thanks,
> Cheryl
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