Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] A little behind the times

juliensmith at fido.ca juliensmith at fido.ca
Fri Jan 2 16:38:17 MST 2004

Hi everyone,

Just joined the list. 22 years old, in Canada. I've been listening to Oils since
I was about 13 or so (that may not be long for you guys - for me it's forever).
So only recently did I find out about Garrett's decision and I was pretty upset
about it. I had been on this list about 2 years ago and decided to join again
after a night of looking through stuff on the web.

There has been talks about bootlegs. I saw them here in Montreal in October of
2001 for the first time with another friend. We had both been waiting forever
and it's kind of sad we'll never see them again. Maybe I can find a way to
similarly donate to a group of the sender's choice in exchange for some
recordings? I wasn't sure how the transactions worked but that sounds like a
really good plan.

Do any of you have blogs or webpages? Or articles about live shows you've gone
to, or anything else of the sort? And what are the political affiliations of
people on here, if any?


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