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[Powderworks] Entry to world of Oils boots....

Beth Curran bcurran at columbus.rr.com
Fri Jan 2 15:08:00 MST 2004

This is the first time I've ever heard anyone propose something like
this.  Tim, you're exactly right that offering or asking for payment for
bootlegs would get you spanked on this list.  Most of us would send you
a disc or two anyway, but I like the charitable donation idea and think
it'd be in the Oily spirit.  In accordance with Robert's Rules of Order
I hereby motion for acceptance of Tim's proposal and if properly
seconded and confirmed by whoever bothers to read this and respond, I'll
send Tim the Oils Live project discs for whatever donation he would care
to make.  Hell, I helped pay for a beard for charity last year, so this
is less weird than some of the things we've already done here....

Tim, if you haven't seen the archive postings on the project, write to
me for a Word file listing.  - Beth

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I'm a longtime Oils fan who just discovered the world of Oils online
fansites. I'm curious to hear of any suggestions for ways to get started
collecting Midnight Oil live boots - especially since I haven't anything
to offer in return.

If nothing else, I'll dig deep and donate $20 (US) to Friends of the
Earth, the Wilderness Society, or Earthshare for each boot disc. I know
this is contrary to the trading ethic, but really, I've got nothin',
except an interest in accumulating some live Oils music before they fade


Virginia, USA

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