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[Powderworks] Re: Bad cover versions

mbtigger at charter.net mbtigger at charter.net
Sat Feb 28 15:47:16 MST 2004

Every time I try to think of a really bad cover, someone posted something worse than what I have thought of. I thought of a few songs for Mr. Jackson, but "Generals" is better than the ones I thought of. I will say a prayer for Bruce's soul - just in case Beth is correct.

The concept of Shatner doing a song had me falling out of my chair.

BUT... As talk begins of baseball here in the states, I was reminded of the comedian Rosanne Barr, and her stirring rendition of the nation anthem of the USA that she performed several years ago. OK- The term  "Comedian" is rather subjective. But, I can almost try to immagine her singing "Blue Sky Mine" OUCH My head hurts!

As for actual Musicians, While I enjoy his song writing abilities, I would find it very hard to listen to Bob Dyaln doing early Oils, say "The Power and the Passion"


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