Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Cover Versions To Make You Run for Cover

Mathias Hermansson hermanator51 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 26 01:30:25 MST 2004

OK here goes my two centissimo's:

My top five list of Oils-covers to be heard on the radio (countdown from 
five to one):

5. Justin Timberlake - Jimmy Sharmans Boxers
4. Melanie C - Underwater
3. Garth Brooks - No Reaction (Country Edit)
2. San Francisco Symphony Orchestra plays an instrumental medley of Outbreak 
of Love and In the Valley
1. Blümchen - Nothings Lost, Nothings Gained (145 bpm "shake-ya-ass"-Mix)

But then, what I really would like to hear would be:

5. Sigur Ros - Drop In the Ocean
4. Metallica (or some other thrash metal band) - Comfortable Place on the 
3. The version of "Stand in Line" (by Regurgitator?) on the Tribute-CD, 
which is really good!
(which I don't need to wish for since it exists!)
2. Marillion - Last of the diggers (Live, with Steven Rothery on an 
accoustic guitar)
1.  Kent (the swedish pop-rock-band) - Now or Never Land

That would be something. Could this be arranged? Someone, please?

>Ahhhhhright ... Beth started it!
>Here's a challenge: what is the worst possible combination of artist and 
>Oils song you can come up with?  Barry Manilow sings Surf's Up?  NFL 
>football players sing One Country?  Britney Spears sings a medley of Oops I 
>Did It Again and Short Memory?  Can it get worse than that?
>Lets put our intensive Oils catalog knowledge to work with a bit of 
>perverse imagination, a taste for the absurd, and a great sense of humor as 
>only powderworkers can do!
>Enough cyberbludging from work ....
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