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James Warren jimcwarren at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 26 08:35:25 MST 2004


Thanks for all of the info. Will this be released in the US, or will I 
be finding out if Whamo is still in business? Is Whamo still in 


On Feb 26, 2004, at 2:43 PM, Justin H wrote:

> In regards to Nathans email (Hi Nathan)re ABC 5.1/Pan and Scan etc.
> Let me set a few things straight on the DVD. Yes "Oils on the Water" 
> will
> be broadcast as per ABC. Its not yet %100 that the 5.1 will be done,
> working on that today, but, most probably. It has not been pan and 
> scanned
> as that would be blowing the picture up from a 4:3 image to suit
> widescreen, to do this would lose the top and bottom of frame and also
> degrade the image substantially. It was shot in '85 last thing I want 
> to do
> is make it worse. It has been digitally remastered visually and audio 
> wise.
> The 5.1 was not done in Melbourne, it was done in Sydney, the tape is 
> now
> here in Melbourne. There are no extra songs on this broadcast that have
> never been seen before.
> The Capitol Theatre gig is not of the entire concert, but it does 
> include
> some extra stuff. It has only ever been seen in 4:3, but as it was 
> shot on
> film, we have recreated it in 16:9 / widescreen. You get more picture, 
> not
> less. Finally, there are talks about it happening in NTSC, but not yet.
> I hope this has cleared a few things up,
> Justin H :)   (oh, and no, I want give away any secrets as per content)
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