Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Re: From the ABC .... DVD etc

Justin H justinh at jeack.com.au
Thu Feb 26 15:43:26 MST 2004

In regards to Nathans email (Hi Nathan)re ABC 5.1/Pan and Scan etc.

Let me set a few things straight on the DVD. Yes "Oils on the Water" will
be broadcast as per ABC. Its not yet %100 that the 5.1 will be done,
working on that today, but, most probably. It has not been pan and scanned
as that would be blowing the picture up from a 4:3 image to suit
widescreen, to do this would lose the top and bottom of frame and also
degrade the image substantially. It was shot in '85 last thing I want to do
is make it worse. It has been digitally remastered visually and audio wise.
The 5.1 was not done in Melbourne, it was done in Sydney, the tape is now
here in Melbourne. There are no extra songs on this broadcast that have
never been seen before.
The Capitol Theatre gig is not of the entire concert, but it does include
some extra stuff. It has only ever been seen in 4:3, but as it was shot on
film, we have recreated it in 16:9 / widescreen. You get more picture, not
less. Finally, there are talks about it happening in NTSC, but not yet.
I hope this has cleared a few things up,
Justin H :)   (oh, and no, I want give away any secrets as per content)