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[Powderworks] Cover Versions To Make You Run for Cover

Beth Curran bcurran at columbus.rr.com
Wed Feb 25 17:47:12 MST 2004

Shit!  I was afraid someone would do this!
Tori Amos covering White Skin Black Heart
Red Hot Chili Peppers covering Poets and Slaves
..or vice versa, for that matter...
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Ahhhhhright ... Beth started it!
Here's a challenge: what is the worst possible combination of artist and
Oils song you can come up with?  Barry Manilow sings Surf's Up?  NFL
football players sing One Country?  Britney Spears sings a medley of
Oops I Did It Again and Short Memory?  Can it get worse than that? 
Lets put our intensive Oils catalog knowledge to work with a bit of
perverse imagination, a taste for the absurd, and a great sense of humor
as only powderworkers can do!
Enough cyberbludging from work ....
Kate Parker Adams
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pocket protectors to ballet dancers!" 
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