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Matthew Wightwick madboy_92001 at yahoo.com.au
Tue Feb 24 23:51:53 MST 2004

Jeff makes an excellent point here: that the musical,
though using Midnight Oil's songs, and with a story
inspired by Midnight Oil's songs, could only be taken
as my interpretation of the songs. And I have to admit
that there may have been one or two plot points that
Midnight Oil could have felt did not represent their
own personal feelings. (Though if that had been the
case, then surely they would've told me?)

That being said, I do feel that my musical would've
been a greater tribute to the band than this dance
cover. And maybe even opened some more people's eyes
(ears?) to Midnight Oil's music. Showed them that
they're more than just a protest band. Because I
would've had a hard time writing a musical around just
protest songs.

I'd like to thank everybody who has expressed interest
in the idea of a musical. I guess all we can hope is
that Midnight Oil change their plans at some future

-Matthew Wightwick

 --- Jeff and Jane Scott <jscott at iinet.net.au> wrote:
> There is a HUGE difference between a cover version
> of a song and a
> musical using several songs.
> A cover version is nothing more than someone else
> performing the song in
> their own style.
> In a musical, the song will be used to represent
> some part of the story
> or theme, and will therefore be presented as having
> a meaning which is
> not necessarily what the author intended (and in
> fact the chances of it
> having the same meaning as the original author
> intended are pretty
> slim).  Whether the person writing the musical is a
> fan of the band or
> not, or has the best intentions doesn't really
> matter - they will be
> skewing the work of the Oils to present their own
> view.
> I'm not at all surprised that the band aren't keen
> on the idea.  It
> doesn't necessarily mean they don't like the idea as
> it was presented,
> it's just not a road they want to start down.
> jeff...
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