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As stated before band has no say over cover songs etc... eg. Oils tribute 

Point 2.  My father lived at Warakurna for a year and a few of the elders 
remembered them
dropping in, though i don't think 15 years later they really gave a fuck 
about the Oils.  Not taking
anything from the band, though i doubt the folks at the Royal Antler are 
still talking about the Oils
gig there in 1978 either. As Jim once said "Mate it's just a band!"

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>Not sure if anyone else was surprised by this, but this has got me 
>I wonder on what basis the Oils "Licensing" dept thought that a eurodisco
>cover of Beds was a good idea ? I can only imagine that they would have 
>paid a shitload of roylaties and upfront fees to allow the song to be
>covered, and i don't begrudge them for that at all - hope they get as much
>as they want because it's their right.
>As stated in a previous email, the Oils rightly maintain creative control
>over their material, so i'm assuming all members had a vote on this matter.
>What is bugging me now is the way that Matthew's (i don't know him
>personally) script was rejected. Here was a piece of art, created from the
>heart & soul of a true Oils fan, therefore presumably high in credibility,
>integrity & passion, and potentially lucrative for them, yet it was deemed
>In contrast, we now have a eurodisco cover of an iconic piece of Australia,
>doing the rounds in some dodgy nightclubs. Again i stress, good luck to 
>& i hope it continues to be successful, but i can't help wondering what the
>people of say Warakurna or Yundemu would think of this.
>All IMHO, but this has left me bewildered. Guess I need to move with the
>times a bit faster or maybe even lighten up a bit ?
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> > >From the Oils web site..
> >
> > *startling news
> > the techno cover of Beds at #6 in Germany
> >
> > Might this be a good Spinal Tap "Sex Farm is on the Charts in
> > Japan" moment?
> >
> > Michael
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