Midnight Oil

FW: [Powderworks] HMMM..

Jonathan Hart midnightoil at videotron.ca
Mon Feb 23 20:11:25 MST 2004

I don't think you need to "get with the times" at all on this point... I
think you hit a nail right on the head.  If MO did indeed give the
thumbs up to this trash cover song (we need clarification/confirmation),
while denying a musical by a true fan which probably wouldn't make a
whole lot of royalties anyway, then they need to take a long look in the
mirror. (no offence to Matthew, I just don't think there's much of an
audience - people who like the Oils AND like musicals).

-----Original Message-----
What is bugging me now is the way that Matthew's (i don't know him
personally) script was rejected. Here was a piece of art, created from
heart & soul of a true Oils fan, therefore presumably high in
integrity & passion, and potentially lucrative for them, yet it was

In contrast, we now have a eurodisco cover of an iconic piece of
doing the rounds in some dodgy nightclubs. Again i stress, good luck to
& i hope it continues to be successful, but i can't help wondering what
people of say Warakurna or Yundemu would think of this.

All IMHO, but this has left me bewildered. Guess I need to move with the
times a bit faster or maybe even lighten up a bit ?