Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Bit Torrent 1996-10-10

Rolf Greven rolf at xs4all.nl
Mon Feb 16 11:52:33 MST 2004

On Mon, Feb 16, 2004, Maurice R. Kelly wrote:

> On Feb 16, mbtigger at charter.net wrote:

> > As an experiment I uploaded a Midnight Oil FM broadcast torrent a couple
> > days ago. It is the WXRT broadcast from 10-10-1996. Mostly I did it to
> > see how Bit torrent File sharing is started, and it is one of the few
> > shows I have that other folks might want.

> Maybe that's how they do it at Sharing The Groove but I found your
> attachment to be a little difficult to work with. I had to download it to
> my PC, then transfer it to my Linux box to which my cable-modem connects.
> Then I had to initiate the download. It wasn't much of a problem except
> that I was unable to find a way to pass extra command line parameters to
> BitTorrent when using a local torrent file. As a result, my cable-modem's
> uplink is being saturated.

That's why I ran the torrent file on a friend's shell-server (with quite a
fast internetconnection) ;).
Running torrents on my homemachine eats up all upstream, I hate that. Did
leave the torrent run a little while longer for some extra sharing after the
download was complete. Upstream went up to nearly 200 kilobytes/second.

> Cheers, for doing it though - good to see the Oils being represented
> torrent wise.

I'd love to see more Oils torrents.