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[Powderworks] Bit Torrent 1996-10-10

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Sun Feb 15 20:17:45 MST 2004

Hello fellow powderworkers

I have not been much on file sharing in the past. I have used a few FTP sites, but only used sofftware like Kazza a few times - and often to replace a scratched CD track. I really do try to respect copyrights, but I have been using BitTorrent lately to Download a few U2 shows. U2 has let it be known that they do not mind fan show trading - as long as no one is making a profit.

Here is where my strange sense of ethics kicks in. In my mind, I try to recognize property rights. I only have bootlegs of bands that I own all (or almost all) of the band's commercial catalog. I also tend to collect FM broadcasts. In my mind these have already been released for public compsumption. Yes I do have Audience tapes and some unauthorized soundboard recorings. In many cases the audience recordings are of a show I was personally at. I have soundboard recorings of tours where there were NO FM broacasts. Sometimes a specific song is played live only rarely, and to hear it live I need to get a specific boot or recording (Told you my sense of ethics was funny)

As an experiment I uploaded a Midnight Oil FM broadcast torrent a couple days ago. It is the WXRT broadcast from 10-10-1996. Mostly I did it to see how Bit torrent File sharing is started, and it is one of the few shows I have that other folks might want.

So - If folks are interested visit www.sharingthegroove.org
If you register and search for Midngiht Oil you can find my torrent. You will have to DL Torrent software if you do not have it, and I am not sure how fast it works on a dial up connection.

I post this because if people on the list feel it is rather in the wrong to offer the show on file sharing software, then I will avoid doing so in the future. Right now I don't feel so bad sharing an FM broadcast with other folks online. But it would clear my conscience to give you all the chance to berate me if you feel it in the wrong.

Flame proof suit "ON"


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