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[Powderworks] Oils Sheet Music Book

Beth Curran bcurran at columbus.rr.com
Sun Feb 1 16:18:02 MST 2004

*snicker* Damien and I have fewer scruples than you seem to have - he
beat me on an auction a while back, but I think I got him back.  No hard
feelings - all's fair in love and Ebay!  It does get a little weird
though, when somebody you know is bidding against you.  Even if it's a
miserable no-good wet-behind-the-ears longhaired punk like Dam - oh, um,
what I meant to say was, even if it's someone you've never actually met.
Well, on Tuesday I'm off to the monster annual fossil, mineral, and gem
show in Tucson, one of the biggest nerd-fests in the Western Hemisphere.
(Sadly, I fit right in with the crowd.)  See you in a week or so - Beth
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I just checked, and I would be bidding against Indi!  I can't bid
against a list member who's helped me out in the past, now, can I?
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Just noticed that the Oils sheet music book (the really good one) is
on ebay, for those that don't know it includes selections of Oils songs
Blue album through to red sails and many cool pics too!.

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