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[Powderworks] Garrett campaign shirts

Kate Parker Adams kate at dnki.net
Mon Dec 27 18:58:47 MST 2004

I think we should add the folks at the Pacific Tsunami Center to our
thoughts.  They knew about the quake, knew what was going to happen, knew
there was some time, but were totally unable to reach the right people to
get the warning out.  They must be feeling rather horrible right now, even
though they tried.
For those of us that grew up understanding tsunami risks, such as those of
the Oregon coast, the possibility is horrible enough even if you are warned,
prepared, know what it means when the tide goes way out, and all your
tourist maps have evacuation routes marked on them.  I can't even begin to
comprehend getting caught without any idea of what was coming or why.
Best to all in the New Year,
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Just a quicky. I just got our Christmas present from my sister in Melbourne
which included 3 PG campaign shirts personally signed by the man himself!
A happy little powderworker I am, I am!  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,
Channuka, Solstice and Brave New Year to all the Powderworkers around the 
World!!  And lets all spend a moment and send our thought and prayer to
those in Indonesia, Sri Lanka etc, they could use it right now.
Martin G. Bradburn
West Greenwich, RI
"It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees"
Midnight Oil "Power and the Passion"
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