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[Powderworks] Oils Book

Cheryl H ooiiilllss at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 18 20:01:30 MST 2004

hey all -

I just finished reading Mark Dodshon's book.  it is a complete (or almost 
complete) history of the band as seen from the 'inside'.  'Willie's Bar And 
Grill' was about one particular tour, and we got a small glimpse of what 
life was like for the band, but this book goes further into detail and spans 
their entire career.  I think it's great that it was written by a friend and 
fan, because he understands their music as well as the band's attitude 
towards everything, namely their stance on dealing with the music industry.  
he captured very well the atmosphere in a concert setting - it's always been 
a hard thing for me to articulate, however "incredible energy" has always 
been one way for me to describe their shows and how it was always a 
give-and-take between them and the audience.  every show left everyone 
exhausted and exhilarated.

I love how it got really into the making of the albums, the time spent in 
the studios and the reworkings of the songs throughout the years.

as far as their personal lives, I was very surprised to learn about Jim's 
adoption, and was moved to read about how he came to meet his family.  I'd 
heard about Bear's and Giffo's health problems, but had no idea it was to 
that degree.  for the first time, I'd gotten to read about Giffo - he seems 
like a very nice, pleasant and giving man.

Jill mentioned in an earlier message that it jumped around a lot, which is 
one of the things I liked about it, but there were a couple of places where 
he repeated himself and that disrupted the momentum a bit.  someone else 
also mentioned the 'Powderworks Website', as if he doesn't know it's a 
mailing list, but I think he meant the archives page.

what are everyone else's opinions?


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