Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Just an idea...

Rhonda kayak at sympatico.ca
Thu Apr 29 20:14:48 MDT 2004

Hey Jeff,

I have had your site bookmarked for a long time and actually raided it again the other night!  :-)  Ever since the CD drive in my computer crashed the
other night I can't access all the ones I'd previously saved off on disc & can't remember what's there....short memory indeed.

Are these mostly pictures that you have the originals of (from magazines or whatever) or were they mostly sent to you from others?  Just wondering if
I might be able to beg a couple particular pics in sharper or bigger scans for my wallpaper factory.. ;-)

Thanks muchly!

Jeff and Jane Scott wrote:

> > Rhonda Sent:
> >
> > Hi Powdies,
> >
> > I got thinking today (yeah, dangerous idea!!) - sorry if this
> > has been brought up before, but what would anyone think about
> > having a web page to
> > display & swap Oils desktop wallpapers?
> I have an extensive collection of Oily images at http://oilpics.cjb.net,
> though I haven't updated it in quite a while.
> jeff...