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[Powderworks] Pete is THE Big Scary Bald Guy

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Pete shaved off his long blond locks cause his hair got in the way when he 
was surfing, and he is actually 6'7".
>From Rolling Stone magazine, June 28th, 1990 (which has a large feature on
the Oils):  

"At some point, Garrett also shaved his head.  He was working part time with 
of his brothers, taking action photos of surfers, 'being out in the big 
swells and 
getting as close as you can to the nose of the surfboard before it rips the 
top of
your head off.  Flick, and you've got the shot.'  But when his photos came 
from the developers, there was usually all this wet blond hair over the lens. 
he got a haircut, decided he looked like 'someone who works in a bank' and 
it all lopped off.  'That's the real story,' he insists.  'And I got to like 
it a lot.  One
less thing to worry about.'"
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