Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] New in Sydney

Fredrik Olson vmw129n at tninet.se
Wed Apr 28 22:27:58 MDT 2004

Hi everybody

A month ago I moved to Sydney from Sweden to do two years of research here. Most exciting to get the chance to live in Australia for a reasonably long time, and even better if the rumours of a MO farewell tour comes true. That would be fantastic.

As my most basic needs are almost cleared out (apartment, computer, car...), I’m starting to get into the everyday-life, and now I thought I should clear my throat and ask a few questions to any Sydney-workers out there:

Do you meet sometimes in real life? It would be great fun to see some other Oils fans to discuss the band and stuff over a beer or two.

Are there any upcoming concerts here in Sydney featuring any of the band members? I’ve been a bit off reading the list lately, due to moving down here.

And then I have a question that doesn’t concern the Oils, but I thought maybe some of you would be good people to ask anyway. A couple of friends from my hometown in Sweden play in a band – Born Electric – and released a CD a few weeks ago, and gave me a bunch of discs to try to spread down here. The thing is that I’ve never done any promotion like this before, so if anyone would have any suggestions on what to do, I’d be glad. I reckon radio stations would be one good target, but which ones in Sydney play new and independent releases? And can you just go to the reception desk with a CD and ask them to play it
? I assume that’s NOT the way to do it. But what is? Have any of you tried to promote a demo recording? I guess that would be similar. All suggestions are most welcome and much appreciated, and it’s probably best that any replies are sent to me privately and off-the-list. Sorry folks for this NMOC and probably rather confused matter.