Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] 5 most underrated oils songs

Kate Parker Adams kate at dnki.net
Tue Apr 27 06:59:12 MDT 2004

If underrated = things I've never heard in concert or TV ...

1. I'm the Cure
2. Armistice Day
3. Bushfire
4. Return to Sender
5. Feeding Frenzy

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1 Somebody's trying to tell me something
2 Drums of Heaven
3 Now or neverland
4 Drop in the ocean
5 Sleep

>My 5 in no particular order would be;
>* One Country
>* Nothin Lost Nothin Gained
>* Pictures
>* In the Valley
>* Jimmy Sharman's Boxers
>Of course I think everything they ever did was under-rated and under-valued
>by almost everyone - except we Powderworkers of course!!
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>hey ppl,
>like most of us i have spent the last 3 weeks listening non stop to the
>dvd and cant help but thinking to myself and asking why many of the oils
>songs dont seem to recieve the praise of others.  so im throwing it open to
>everyone to name their 5 most unnderrated oils songs.
>my choices
>5. Only the strong
>4. brave faces
>3. lucky country
>2. jimmy sharman's boxers
>1. no time for games
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