Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] 5 most underrated oils songs

Brett Beattie brett.beattie at ce.com.au
Tue Apr 27 00:57:42 MDT 2004

My 5 in no particular order would be; 

* One Country
* Nothin Lost Nothin Gained
* Pictures
* In the Valley
* Jimmy Sharman's Boxers

Of course I think everything they ever did was under-rated and under-valued
by almost everyone - except we Powderworkers of course!!


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hey ppl,

like most of us i have spent the last 3 weeks listening non stop to the BOBW

dvd and cant help but thinking to myself and asking why many of the oils 
songs dont seem to recieve the praise of others.  so im throwing it open to 
everyone to name their 5 most unnderrated oils songs.

my choices

5. Only the strong
4. brave faces
3. lucky country
2. jimmy sharman's boxers
1. no time for games

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