Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] New DVD - Happy Campers!!

Rhonda kayak at sympatico.ca
Mon Apr 26 22:20:57 MDT 2004

Hey Workies,

Remember that little survey a couple months ago of the top 5 in your CD player / iPod / whatever audio listening device?
How many of you are now answering that as:
1. Goat Island
2. Goat Island
3. Goat Island
4. Goat Island
5. oh yeah, and there was (insert your *other* fave Oils listening pleasures here)

It's been nonstop on my iPod...headphones @ work, iTrip in the car...CD & DVD at home...really wishing I had the 5.1 capabilities here...
Nothing against Bones - he's definitely the better singer -  but it sure was great to see lots of Giffo again.
Fabulous job, Justin!  We're not worthy!!  :-)  Looking forward to some more of those....there will be more, I hope.  And I did find the bonus
track...great editing on that, J.

Hoping for some Sleep tonight...last night I couldn't shut off "Tin Legs and Tin Mines" in my brain -