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[Powderworks] Pete's too sexy ...

Kate_Adams Kate_Adams at uml.edu
Sat Apr 24 15:02:59 MDT 2004

I ran across this in the local catbox liner's website.  It came from the "50
Worst Songs" list published this week in Blender magazine.

No, the Oils were not in the list, so far as I can tell.  The reference to
Pete Garrett is interesting to note nonetheless.

“I’m Too Sexy” 1992
The answer to Spinal Tap’s question “What’s wrong with being sexy?”

Right Said Fred were horrible, bald novelty Brits whose one claim to fame
was a song that announced that they were “too sexy” for most things, from
“New York” to “my cat.” Alas, singer Richard Fairbrass resembled Midnight
Oil’s Peter Garrett, and was therefore “too sexy” for precisely nothing. The
song spawned a welter of grating catchphrases starting with “I’m too sexy”
repeated endlessly by annoying people: “I’m too sexy for my tractor,” etc.
Disturbingly, the Freds, as nobody calls them, are still going.

Worst Moment The so-called chorus, in which, instead of mumbling, Fairbrass
tries to sing. Stop it. Stop it now!

http://www.blender.com/articles/article_786.html has number 41-50.


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