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[Powderworks] servant leadership

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Sat Apr 17 20:32:52 MDT 2004

deeply risking another sojourne into religion ... 
the original model of servant leadership was introduced by Jesus 
(Christ or otherwise), who said "whosoever would be first among you 
shall be your servant: even as the Son of man came not to be served, 
but to serve".
so Beth ... keen on being crucified ... ?  that is apparently the reward 
for presenting oneself as humble and servant-like ... fits into most 
corporate models i've seen ... the brassy liars claw their way to the top 
over the heads of the meek and powerless labourers.  (ooooh ... have i 
been jaded or what!)  i work for a really nice small company now.  the 
boss is a champion of anti-"big-business demolishes the little-guy".  

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> Up until now I thought you guys were kidding...Of course, it's a joke
> (to be precise, satire, as Mike points out).  I had to go to a 2-day CI
> course last week, and my mind wandered and that article sorta wrote
> itself. - Beth
> PS  Our HR manager is threatening us with "servant leadership" training
> next.  Who knows what might come out after that.  If anyone has been
> exposed to that particular new fad, can you contact me off-list?  I have
> some serious concerns.  Thanks!
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> Well this is the wierdest thing I've seen since I last read The Onion.
> Isn't Forbes Magazine something to do with finance, or business, or 
> other capitalist activities? Why would the Oils hire a bunch of 
> professionals to reunify them? What does Forbes have to do with this? 
> Where the hell did you FIND this???
> I sure hope it's a joke.  "Continuous improvement" is a term they've
> thrown
> around at the company I work for the last 12 years and it's basically
> meant 
> reducing our workforce from 7,000 to 1,000 while "improving" the bank
> accounts
> of the CEO and his cronies.  Seeing that term in relation to the Oils
> is like seeing Keith Richards team up with the DEA.  
> Mike