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[Powderworks] Farewell tour?

koala_sprint at fsmail.net koala_sprint at fsmail.net
Sat Apr 17 01:47:36 MDT 2004

Hi Patrick,
Me too. Well, it's not so much that my other half has agreed, but so much as I will be going. Keep in touch if you are going. I would be flying on Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong if I go, and would probably just go for the night, 2 if I'm lucky.

> Message date : Apr 16 2004, 09:56 PM
> From : "Patrick Collins" 
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> Subject : [Powderworks] Farewell tour?
> I have just been given the go-ahead from my better half to go to Oz (from the UK) in the event of a farewell tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So.  I am asking for anybody who may have advance warning of tickets etc. to please let me know.  ALso if, in the event it does actually come off, I am asking for a kindly 'workers for a floor to kip on.  I would be most appreciative but draw the line at sexual favours - well........while the cat's away......;)
> Cheers,
> P.

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