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[Powderworks] maleny protest

Nathan Arrowsmith mrnoisy at iprimus.com.au
Fri Apr 16 05:34:52 MDT 2004

I'll give a brief update on the Maleny saga...
The three remaining trees on the site are still standing. The Department of
Natural Resourses have determined that many of the trees were destroyed
illegally because they were within the flood zone. The owners of the block,
Cornerstone Properties could be fined $120,000 per tree removed illegally.
There is a town meeting tomorrow at 10am which could determine the future of
the block. The platypus were swimming and feeding in the river 15 minutes


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> since it hasn't appeared in the archive yet ...
> last nights news had reports of the demolition at maleny (1.5 hours
> north of here).  mostly that there was a day long standoff between
> protesters and workers, where work was at a standstill while legals
> checked whether laws had been broken ... apparently it's illegal to clear
> trees in a waterway, and that's the point they're debating, not whether
> they could clearfell the block.
> platapii weren't mentioned.
> neither were beards.
>  manthey
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