Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] LMOC - hello again and dvd format

ninas ninajill73 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 15 07:10:34 MDT 2004

hey everyone-

first let me say 'hi'! i've been pretty low on the radar this past year. my
life has changed tremendously. last june my husband and i welcomed our first
child into the world. he's now almost 10 months old and just a joy. as you
other parents out there can understand, he's taken most of my time - leaving
little time to be active on powderworks. - and less time to listen to the
oils - most of the music that plays in this house is now folky children's
music (sometimes i just want to rip my hair out over it! how many times can
a person listen to 'puff the magic dragon?!'). but anyway...

i received my 'best of both worlds' dvd yesterday only to discover that i
can't play it here in the states on my dvd player. arg! i figured that since
they had to re-release the 20,000 watts dvd with the new format, that this
time they would just release this dvd in both formats from the beginning. so
i guess i have 2 options, keep this one and play it on my computer or return
it in hopes that they re-release a version i can watch on my dvd player.
does anyone know if they plan on releasing a version in the US format or
should i just keep this one?

long live the oils!