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[Powderworks] Oils gear/effects...recognize any?

Bruce Robertson the_oil_fish at yahoo.ca
Tue Apr 13 16:44:51 MDT 2004

Hey Powder Pickers and Seekers of God-like Tone,
Rob and I were exchanging notes on his most excellent pictures of JM's and MR's pedal boards. I've noted a few that I recognize, some I've owned and others I'd love to get my feet on, and a couple I have no idea what they are...
Anybody else recognize anything on either board? I'm forwarding the post with comments and don't forget to check out his pictures if you haven't already@  http://ribman.liveonthe.net/

breath, groove, energize...
bruce in calgary

Bruce Robertson <the_oil_fish at yahoo.ca> wrote:
Hey Rob - thanks!
Great shots of the fx, complete with feets in motion!
I recognized some of the gear - notably a Boss GE7 equalizer, a couple of older-looking MXR units, 2 Boss Compressor/sustainer pedals, and Jim's about-to-be-crushed Ibanez Tube Screamer (a ts9 perhaps?) and an assortment of volume pedals, tuners and some other stuff that I can't quite make out. I'm guessing one of the pedals on Jim's board is an mxr phaser, and I think he had some kind of whammy foot unit for e-beat when they played in Calgary last time. (I hung around afterward like a bad smell but was chased off stage by a large and unfriendly roadie, so didn't get a good look at the rigs.)
I love the way Martin is gripping his vibrato bar on that old strat - very manly. But whatever Jim is about to do with his left hand looks scarey - mashing a bunch of B stuff with this thumb while smashing Bb with his finger - when I tried that grip the neighbour's cat jumped out of its fur. 
Thanks again for the cool insight into the Oils tone. Of course the real magic of tone is in the fingers, but it's nice to know what MR and JM used to enhance their organic giftedness eh?
bruce in calgary

ribman at manthey.com.au wrote:
time is scant ... baby is crying again ... and work to do too ... will post some more later (found 
some lovely shots that had faded from my memory) ... here's the ones originally in question 
though ... 60 - 70k per file



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