Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Re: lyrics help?

Graeme Qewe mortenwebstar2 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 13 12:10:15 MDT 2004

Thank you for that! I had always heard the words as "Is he his own man?" 
But I feared not interfer, as I suspected most others here knows more about 
And I hope, that this is really what the said.


>Fra: Andy Gillcrist <andrewg at nwlink.com>  Til: 
><powderworks at cs.colorado.edu>  Emne: RE: [Powderworks] lyrics help?  Sendt: 
>12. april 2004 03:15:19
>>1.  Reckon it still is "Is he a Soul Man" on the original CD
>To me, this has always sounded like "Is he his own man?"  And I
>even thought I saw that written down somewhere, but I'm damned
>if I can remember where now.
>	Andy

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