Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Minutes to Midnight -- great discussion

tfrommer at mindspring.com tfrommer at mindspring.com
Mon Apr 12 10:11:03 MDT 2004

I initially wrote:

>> I think "88" has to be piano -- 88 keys on a standard. 

Phil replied: 

>i always thought it was connected to ICBM's, SS-20's etc... the AGM-88 
>was officially put into production in 1983, 1 year before Red Sails.. I 
>know this was also discussed a few years back, but i dont have anything 
>archived.... will have to check elsewhere for that....

Wow, very interesting take and something I never knew about (AGM-88). That verse ends "the dancer's hand grips the rail/and fingers will blister on the 88s/Hope drains out of the side of the page" I always took 88s as a piano. And the whole lyric as similar to the band playing on the Titanic as it sank. You just keep fiddling, dancing, playing the piano and don't mind the missile silos over here.