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[Powderworks] lyrics help?

Anna Offler aoffler at iprimus.com.au
Sun Apr 11 18:43:59 MDT 2004

1.  Reckon it still is "Is he a Soul Man" on the original CD
That 2nd one is indistinct despite repeated playings . I always thought to
my old ears it might be "Three strikes surr...ender"
3. Definitely "sounds like an ending"
Lew and Anna

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g'day Cheryl

Here's my take on them (maybe right, maybe not!)

First one I always thought was "Is he a soul man", but the sound on the
new Goat Island DVD is very clear, and I now think it's "Is he a song

Second one I have as "Three strikes to every god", but that's the one
I'm least sure of.

Third one: "Sounds like an ending".  I'm sure of that one.  Also on the
demo version of the song, the next line is followed with "Could be a
beginning" (which became "minutes to midnight" by the time it was


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