Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] "official" russian pressing

Phil L. fil at arach.net.au
Thu Apr 8 06:38:33 MDT 2004

Jeff and Jane Scott wrote:

>By coincidence, I have this week also been playing my own Complete MP3
>Oils disc in the car.  Mine is also set up with all the albums in their
>own folder (with extra folders for all the "extras" according to year of
>release).  Fortunately for me, though, my car player gives me the choice
>of mixing the current folder or mixing the entire disc, so I have the
>joy of the Oils lottery, never knowing what's next.  A bit like having
>the Chocolate Wheel along for the ride I guess.
sounds similar to mine..... i must burn a similar cd for the drive to 
bunbury and collie this weekend... :-)

>On my Pc at home, I have every track from every CD I own (not including
>bootlegs apart from a few specially selected gems) on a random player -
>that's a one in 3866 chance of hearing your favourite song next!  It
>means I still hear those tracks from CD's that I'd never get out and
>play any more.
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